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What you need to know

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There are over 100 registered Quantity Surveyors in the Edinburgh area. How do you choose the right one for you and your business? Read on to find out.

Choosing a Quantity Surveyor in Edinburgh
An Expert’s Guide

Finding a quantity surveyor in Edinburgh isn’t hard, given there are over 100 registered in the Edinburgh area alone. That’s in addition to Quantity Surveyors like Saunders QS, who are based in Cumbria, but cover the Edinburgh area. So with so many Quantity Surveyors covering the Edinburgh area, how do you choose the right one for you and your business? Read on to find out.

From its mediaeval Old Town to its elegant Georgian New Town, to its position as the second biggest financial centre in the United Kingdom, Edinburgh is a city of history and contrasts. As a result of its heritage and commerce Edinburgh has some fascinating architecture, not least of which is Edinburgh Castle, dating back to the 11th century (almost as old as Saunders Quantity Surveyors Founder & Director Roger Saunders)!

Edinburgh is a stunning city that Saunders Quantity Surveyors are proudly part of the evolution of.

We hope this guide helps you and if you’d like to have a free, no obligation consultation with one of our Quantity Surveyors for your Edinburgh construction project, contact us today.

What to look for in a Quantity Surveyor in Edinburgh:
Some tips

Although our Head Office is in Cumbria, our quantity surveyors have a strong presence in Edinburgh and have lent their expertise to numerous successful construction projects in the Edinburgh area.

We believe that being a good Quantity Surveyor is more than the 50 years’ experience and skill we have between us, it’s about performing the job with a bit of heart, and an absolute commitment to exceeding the expectations of our clients. Here’s what we suggest you look for when looking for a Quantity Surveyor in Edinburgh:

1. Passion

What makes a good Quantity Surveyor in Edinburgh, or anywhere else for that matter? Firstly, one with a passion for, and knowledge of, the city itself. We are proud to provide Quantity Surveying expertise for construction projects in Edinburgh, and help this amazing city not only thrive, but innovate. Having spent many hours there professionally and privately, we know Edinburgh and her quirks well.

2. Local knowledge

With remote working and digitalisation it’s becoming more and more the norm these days  that lead contacts in a construction project aren’t constantly based in the place of construction. Having someone with boots on the ground and armed with local insights, contacts, and preferred suppliers can give you confidence your project will be carried out according to expectations, even if you’re not always physically in Edinburgh. Whilst we are not based in Edinburgh, Cumbria is less than 2.5 hours away by train or car, meaning commuting for days and weeks is still practical.

A quantity surveyor with a track record of projects in Edinburgh and its surrounding areas is also important. They can, for example, adeptly address location-specific cost implications in a way that someone unfamiliar with the city might take more time to navigate.  Having a familiarity with local contractors, subcontractors and suppliers provides clients with added value to ensure successful project delivery.  Don’t hesitate to request case studies that underscore a Quantity Surveyor’s local Edinburgh know-how. You can find a couple of ours below.

3. Industry experience

Consider a Quantity Surveyor with experience of your industry or project type. Our wide-ranging experience spans various industries, but we take pride in our deep, sector-specific knowledge in key verticals. This expertise has been instrumental in numerous construction projects in Edinburgh, ensuring project efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Finding a Quantity Surveyor in Edinburgh with experience in your type of construction project will save you both time and money. See below for a residential project we are currently working on as project monitoring surveyors

Quantity Surveying Project
Student Apartments, Duncan Street, Edinburgh

This development, located close to Edinburgh University, comprised the construction of twenty-nine student accommodation apartments. This was a unique development, as it involved the refurbishment of a Category B Listed building to create three of the apartments and the construction of a new building within the courtyard area of the site to form twenty-six apartments. Logistically the site was challenging, as construction took place within an area surrounded by existing buildings, meaning works had to be managed very carefully.

The new-build element was of traditional masonry construction with a large atrium area to allow light to flow into the building. Saunders provided Project Monitoring services for the Funder of this interesting scheme. We worked closely with the project team, ensuring the works were managed correctly and that valuations undertaken were reviewed on site prior to certification.

Duncan Street student housing Edinburgh

Quantity Surveying Project Glasgow #2:
Meadowlea, Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh

This development of two 4/5 bedroom three-storey town houses is walking distance from the centre of Edinburgh and boasts a view of the world-famous Arthur’s Seat from the third floor. Constructed using timber frames with Ashlar Stone and smooth render facades and aluminium windows, these residential dwellings offer a rare opportunity to purchase a new-build home at this sought after address.

The site is extremely compact and located on one of the main roads within the city centre. Saunders are providing Project Monitoring services for this development which is being undertaken by construction professionals that are also first-time developers. We work closely with the developer offering guidance as well as ensuring costs are managed correctly, we  assess valuations and ensure they are properly reviewed before certification.  Works are due to complete in January 2024.

Quantity Surveyor Edinburgh Expert Kristian Chippendale:
why we love construction projects in Edinburgh.

What’s your favourite building in Edinburgh Kristian? 

“The Scottish Parliament Building at Holyrood! During my years at University the Scottish Parliament building was very prominent in the news, due to the level of design and the  ever-increasing construction budget.  We completed many assignments on why construction prices rose during construction compared to initial estimates.  This was fascinating at the time, but later on in life when visiting for the first time I was amazed how the building looked and how it operated.”

What Edinburgh building would you love to get your hands on and why?

“The Western Harbour Old Lighthouse! It’s not strictly in the centre of Edinburgh, and it’s been derelict and vandalised over the years. However, what a fantastic building to regenerate into an amazing restaurant or hotel.  The local infrastructure is available but I am sure there would be more than a couple of challenges!”

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