Construction Project Management

The use of Construction Project Management Companies or Quantity Surveyors offering this service offers many advantages and benefits.

Saunders Quantity Surveyors provide a comprehensive project management service (PM) to clients across a wide range of sectors. The role may be undertaken either as a standalone service, or in addition to our contract administration or quantity surveying services.

Project management in construction means a highly skilled, Chartered Quantity Surveyor is involved from inception through to completion of a construction project. This ongoing support means cost-efficiency and production/operational excellence are maintained.

Construction of a new airport infrastructure in cumbria

We have a track record for successfully delivering projects safely, on time and within budget, without sacrificing quality. Our Quantity Surveyors have over 50 years’ combined experience, with deep, industry-specific knowledge gained from completing multiple projects in the following key verticals:

  • Residential Care Homes
  • Defense & Nuclear
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Large-scale Residential

We combine this extensive practical knowledge with best-in-class project management systems and strong leadership skills to deliver your construction project safely, on time & in-budget, every time. 

The key to benefitting from project management in construction, is to ensure your appointed project manager understands the workings of the team and effectively coordinates their activities, whilst motivating the team to deliver the project. 

Whilst bigger, more generalist construction project management companies may lay claim to construction project management smarts, we believe our boutique, specialised and highly-experienced team is unbeatable. At Saunders Quantity Surveyors our project managers talk the same language as your incumbent team; forging good relationships that lead to project harmony, efficiency and ultimately, success.

Construction project management includes

  • Pre-design and planning efficiency: Your appointed Construction Project Manager (PM) is responsible for producing a critical path framework and creating the schedule and timeline for your project
  • Resourcing excellence: The PM plans and budgets for all resources, from basic building blocks and tools to manpower, saving you hassle and money
  • Team leadership: The PM oversees recruiting the building and management teams and allocates tasks. As the leader, they set the tone for the project and therefore have excellent leadership and communication skills
  • Monitoring progress: The PM is responsible for ensuring your project progresses through each phase successfully, on time and on budget. They will document each step and communicate effectively with stakeholders, anticipating and solving for problems before they arrive, and troubleshooting those that do
  • Budget management: The PM is ultimately responsible for the budget and for its management and delivery. One less thing for you to think about!

If you would like to appoint one of our skilled construction project management team, contact us for a free, no obligation consultation today!

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