Construction Project Rigour.

Our highly skilled, experienced Bank Monitoring Surveyors carry out all kinds of construction project monitoring. With more than 50 years combined experience, including the construction of care homes managed by Octopus Real Estate (with a combined project value of over £100m), your construction project is in safe hands with us.

What is a Fund Monitoring Surveyor?

As defined by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, a Bank Monitoring Surveyor (also called Fund Monitoring Surveyor) protects a client’s interests, by ‘..identifying and advising on the risks associated with acquiring an interest in a development that is not under the Client’s direct control’.

Construction of a new airport infrastructure in cumbria

The function of a Bank Monitoring surveyor, (or Project Monitoring) in Construction projects is carried out by Saunders Quantity Surveyors on behalf of a range of client types, including

  • Funding institutions, which will acquire the scheme as an investment upon completion
  • Tenants or purchasers who enter a commitment to lease or purchase a property upon completion
  • Banks or other development finance companies, where a loan matures at the end of the development period
  • Grant funders
  • Private finance initiative funders and end users


Although the risk profile of each client group differs, in each case the development will be designed, constructed, and supervised by a Developer who will employ a design and construction team. The appointment of a Bank Monitoring Surveyor does not replace any of these primary functions, but protects the Client’s interests and enhances construction projects, by monitoring the performance of the Developer and its team.

The Fund Monitor or Bank Monitor’s role is one of investigator and advisor to the Client.

We pride ourselves on our eagle-eyed focus on achieving the very best for our clients; acting as their ears and eyes on the ground. Attention to detail and the combined 50 years’ experience of our Bank Monitoring Surveyors, means we can effectively act as an early warning system for our clients; anticipating potential risk which may affect the delivery of the project.

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