Quantity Surveyor Manchester
An Insider's Guide


Finding a quantity surveyor in Manchester isn’t hard, given there are many quantity surveyors that cover the Manchester area, but how do you choose the right one for you and your business? Read on to find out.

Choosing a Quantity Surveyor in Manchester
An Expert’s Guide

Manchester holds a special place in the heart of Saunders Quantity Surveyors. We love the city and the work we do there and are proud to be part of this amazing city’s continual evolution. 

We hope this guide helps you and if you’d like to have a free, no obligation consultation with one of our Quantity Surveyors for your Manchester project, contact us today.

As the UK’s second biggest city, Manchester’s construction industry is both varied and thriving. As the skyline continues to expand and evolve, Quantity Surveyors are in high demand, so how do you ensure you engage the right expert for your project?

Although based in Cumbria, our Quantity Surveyors cover Manchester and have consulted on many successful construction projects in the Manchester and Greater Manchester areas, some of which we outline below. 

We believe that being a good Quantity Surveyor is more than the 50 years’ experience and skill we’ve accumulated. It’s about performing the job with a bit of heart, and an absolute commitment to exceeding the expectations of our clients. 

What to look for in a Quantity Surveyor in Manchester:
Some tips

1. Passion

What makes a good Quantity Surveyor in Manchester, or anywhere else for that matter? Firstly, one with a passion for the city itself. Manchester is our favourite city; home to two of the greatest British football teams of all time, some of the best bands of all time and was arguably at the very epicentre of the industrial revolution; spawning not only the first canal, but the first railway. 

We are proud to provide Quantity Surveying expertise for construction projects in Manchester, and help this amazing city not only thrive, but innovate. Look for a Quantity Surveyor that knows and loves Manchester, and understand and shares your construction project vision.

2. Local knowledge 

Given the explosion of remote working,  ease of travel and increasing digitisation of the construction industry, it could well be that you are carrying out a construction project but aren’t based in the city. Having some eyes and ears on the ground with local knowledge, contacts and preferred suppliers is a way in which you can ensure your project runs to the very best standards, even without you being based there.

Understanding and planning for any location-specific cost implications are all much easier with a Quantity Surveyor with experience of projects in Manchester. Ask for case studies that prove local knowledge.

3. Industry experience 

Whilst our experience spans many industries, we have especially deep, industry-specific experience and knowledge in the following key verticals, several of which we have applied to construction projects in Manchester.




Finding a Quantity Surveyor in Manchester with experience in your type of construction project will save you both time and money. See below for an overview of some recent projects we’ve carried out in Manchester

Quantity Surveying Project Manchester #1:
The Downs Quarter, Altrincham

The Downs Quarter comprises four blocks of new buildings incorporating Town Houses, Apartments, ‘Live to Work’ Offices/Workshops and other Residential Accommodation.  Underground parking beneath the residential units and a mezzanine walkway made this project unique.  Saunders Quantity Surveyors performed the role of Employers Agent and Quantity Surveyor. 


We worked closely with the project team ensuring the works were managed correctly and valuations undertaken and properly reviewed before certification.  The project complications came from the part-built nature of two of the blocks and historical poor construction and long-term weather damage to the partially constructed timber frames.  This resulted in several tests being undertaken post-contract and execution and management of provisional sums. The project was begun on semi constructed buildings which were undeveloped following exchange from a previous developer.  

The Downs Quarter image

Quantity Surveying Project Manchester #2:
Rochdale Road, Manchester City Centre

Rochdale Road consists of 237 new 1-bed and 2-bed apartments, split over four separate blocks.  The buildings are constructed in a concrete frame with one block being in Metsec (a galvanised steel stud panel framing system providing a carrier for insulation, exterior cladding and interior boarding). This block will be one of the first in the country to be constructed in Metsec above 10 storeys – yet again Manchester leads the way!


Saunders Quantity Surveyors are engaged to perform the role of Employers Agent and Quantity Surveyor. We’re working closely with the project team to ensure the works are managed correctly and valuations undertaken and properly reviewed before certification. The site is extremely compact with extensive ground remediation consisting of many underground retaining walls and basements which provides some challenges.

For an overview of a Project Monitoring Quantity Surveyor project in Manchester, click here.

Rochdale Road Quantity Surveying & EA project

Looking for expert quantity surveyors in Manchester? Look no further! Our team at Saunders QS is here to provide top-notch quantity surveying services tailored to your needs. Don’t miss out – contact us today and let’s make your project a success!